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Cat Behavior?

My cat is about 18 years old. His entire life he’s been shy, never liked being held, and for years has hid in the part of my house that the puppies can’t get to. He’s been terrified of them. A couple years ago, he was near death but we saved him by bringing him to the vet and clearing his bladder infection from his litter. A month ago my whole family thought he was about to die again, until we brought him to the vet and saved him again by giving him an IV and meds daily. This is the most affectionate I’ve ever seen him. He comes to the parts of the house with the dogs now and doesn’t act scared, and is ALWAYS laying on me and my family. He NEVER used to cuddle and now I can’t get him off of me. Is it because he’s grateful? Do cats know when you save them?

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    the medication i'd say

  • 1 year ago

    there is that vet on YouTube. i think he is called vancuver vet, his name is jury. he has a video why a cat might not like being touched or hiding from humans. almost always it is a medical problem, very often urinary infection or arthritis.

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