Nail Tech Supplies?

So I’m not a licensed nail tech or anything, but I’m really good at nails and I’m a self-taught MUA and would like to buy my own nail supplies to save money. I’m just not sure of all the supplies I need or what brands to get. I know what nail file drill I want, but I don’t know which kind of curing light I want. I also don’t know of what other materials I need. I like getting the dip powder at the salon and putting shellac on top. But sometimes I see her use bottles such as monomer and whatnot. Could you please give me suggestions

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  • Lava
    Lv 7
    1 year ago

    I'd recommend a dual lamp, one with both LED and UV light, so you never have to worry about what type of gel you have, it'll cure everything. UV lamps will cure everything but are slow, so having a dual lamp means you get fast cures on your LED gels as well as being able to cure your UV gels.

    For a newbie, rather than learning acrylic first or gel, both of which have their own challenges, I'd suggest trying a hybrid gel first, like Gelish Polygel. You shape it like acrylic, but it needs a light to cure, so you can practice your craft without the time limit of acrylic and without the difficulty of working with sticky gel. It's easy and it gives about the same results as acrylic, but it much easier for beginners because you have a lot more time to shape it.

    If you want to start with gel or acrylic I'd recommend a starter kit for practice before buying the good stuff. An acrylic starter kit has acrylic powder, monomer, and possibly a top gel, and usually has tips and glue or forms. A gel kit will be similar but with builder gel. In both cases, you usually need to buy primer, pH prep, and/or bonder separately, as most cheap kits won't have those.

    Watch a lot of Youtube vids before starting, and gravitate to the professionals that have more experience than the DIY amateurs. Rather than starting on your own nails, glue a plastic nail tip to a surface and practice on that first.

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