Am I wrong?

So I've had a friend,lets call her Blant, me and Blant have known each other since preschool.Far more than anyone in our middleschool friend group.She LOVES to one-up people and when I mean one-up I mean one time I said my dog was dieing and her soothing words said things about when her dog got decapitated right in front of her.If you dare say something wrong like the wrong pronoun she will say about ripping your throut out and I know for a fact she isn't just mentally wrong because she says it as if she wants to be edgy not that she is edgy.She also fakes her sexuality,this touchy subject but she says she's a lesbian gets a random girlfriend and she does nothing because as long as she can say "I have a girlfriend "she thinks she's entitled to TOO much and every one except her girlfriend knows that she is straight with how she likes to treat boys.There's Craw,Craw is THE nicest girl I've met.She's loyal and Blant knows this so If Craw dare say something interrupting on accident or says SOMETHING about Blant, Blant will say " SHUT UP or else I'm not your friend anymore " and that makes me so aggravated especially how its a double standard. This comes down to why I said I wasn't friends with her anymore, I KNOW to NEVER tell Blant a secret because she will tell everyone especally if its romance so one day Eon comes up crying because Blant broke her nd her boyfreind up and set her up with someone else. that was it, Blantwas crying everyone was looking at me like i hit her.

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago
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    I fail to understand why the names are important.

    Yes, you are wrong if you continue to pretend to be her friend. And one of the words you can't spell is "dying."

  • Steve
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    1 year ago

    Call her “Penelope” if she one-ups you continually. Joke about it, as she might mean well.

    “Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.”

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