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Who is Venus Williams?

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    Venus Ebony Starr Williams is the older sister of Serena Williams by 15 months. Venus fired the first salvo signaling that women's tennis was about to become more powerful, more aggressive, and more muscular. Venus made it to the final of first US Open she ever played and in the first decade of the new millennium, she won 5 Wimbledon titles and 2 US Opens. Her signature weapons include a booming serve, erratic but powerful forehand and the most withering two-fisted backhand down-the-line the tennis world had ever seen. With Serena she has won 13 major doubles titles and 3 Olympic doubles gold medals and 2 mixed doubles major titles, She also won the singles Olympic gold medal in Sydney.

    Venus is interested in all things fashion, design, and of course women's causes like equal prize money.

    At 39 years old, she is still playing.

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    this is a good question!

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    She is a tennis player and is the older sister of Serena Williams who is also a tennis player.

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    Sister of the more successful Serena. Both American-African tennis players.

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    She is a tennis player.

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    I think she's a tennis player.

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    This could easily be looked up.

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    A celeb.

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