Minimum pay raise?

Where i live minimum weige is about $12/hr. That’s fine but people want to raise it to $15/hr. Now what i’m thinking is “why?” If people wanted to make more money shouldn’t they have gone to school for it? I’m pressuming people working minimum didn’t go to college for more education. And just because they raise the pay $3 it doesn’t mean i get paid more, i don’t make any more money from it, what i’m afraid of is if they can raise it to $15 what’s stopping them from getting paid $50/hr like i do when they don’t have the same education?If minimum is raised to $50 one of these days what will doctors make in an hour? $200-300? Can someone please explain?

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  • 1 year ago

    The idea is raising minimum wage to a level that actually allows people to live a functional life.

  • Hannah
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    1 year ago

    The minimum wage where I live is $12, too. The cost of a McDonald’s Big Mac meal where I live is $8 (66% of minimum wage). The average rent for a 2bdrm apt is $1800. People think that if minimum wage goes up to $15-20, the cost of food and rent will stay the same. WAKE UP, SISTER. McDonalds and other companies that rely on minimum wage employees won’t be able to afford to pay employees $20/hour.

    —Minimum wage employees will get laid off because companies cannot afford to pay their wages

    —The cost of services will go up in order for businesses to cover increased payroll expenses. Like the Big Mac meal could cost $12-13 (which is 66% of the new $20/hr min wage) and then people will no longer support those businesses because it’s “no longer affordable” and those businesses will go out and employees will lose their jobs.

    —Employees will be replaced by machines. Machines that don’t require a paycheck, don’t call out sick, don’t require health benefits, and are very low maintenance.

    Increasing minimum wage never works. Minimum wage = minimum skills. Increased wage = increased skills.

  • 1 year ago

    In REAL LIFE, the minimum wage is "Your services are not required". Increasing the legal minimum wage ALWAYS results in fewer entry level jobs.

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