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Is it okay to let my boyfriend believe that I'm stronger than him after I tricked him with fake prop weights?

I tricked my boyfriend in to thinking I could lift more than him. I used my friend's fake prop weights and he didn't realize. I am legitimately very strong, I'm 6'0 tall and can lift more than most men, but not quite as much as my boyfriend.

it wasn't supposed to be a permanent lie, it's just that his reaction was so cute. I asked him if he still loved me and he said of course and that he was lucky to have such an amazing strong girlfriend and that he found it really attractive. And judging from the sex we've had since, he really meant it. It was really nice to be seen as strong instead of just pretty so I went along with it, but with the intention of telling him the truth. I just really enjoyed the respect and admiration he was giving me and I took it too far and let it go on too long. I'm used to boyfriends looking down on me or treating me badly. I had exes call me masculine and ugly for being tall. Whereas now it gives me so much confidence. I can even take charge with my boyfriend sometimes, and he embraces it since he respects me.

It's a lie but it doesn't hurt anyone and I think my boyfriend benefits since he's more attracted to me and it makes the sex better. So is it okay to just let it continue?

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    Why not? Seems it’s already been established he’s terrified of you now.

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    Well what you could do instead is secretly build up to being able to lift the amount of the fake weights.

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