Simple Accounting journal entry question?


Paddle Place manufactures paddles and tables. In December, the two production departments had budgeted allocation bases of 3,100 machine-hours in Paddle and 6,900 direct manufacturing labor-hours in Table. The budgeted manufacturing overheads for the month were $51,200 and $56,900, respectively. For Project X, the actual costs incurred in the two departments were as follows:

Update 2:

Direct materials purchased on account Paddele: 80,000 Table $177,500

Direct materials used: Paddle: 21,200 Table 12,200

Direct menufacturing labour paddle : 41,900 Table 53,500

Indirect manufacturing labour : Paddle:8,900 Table: 9,000

Indirect materials used: Paddle 5,100 Table 4,750

Lease on equipment: Paddle 14,100 Table: 3,750

Utilities: Paddle: 990 Table, 1,250

Project X incurred 900 machine-hours in Paddle and 200 manufacturing labor-hours in Table.

Update 3:

2) Prepare the journal entries for Paddle department.

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  • 1 year ago

    tthank you for your help i do appreciate it

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  • Don G
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    1 year ago

    Not so simple, is it?

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