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Is it cross dressing for a straight guy to wear a skirt in public because his girlfriend likes it?

My girlfriend likes for me to wear skirts. She says that they are not women's clothes so it wouldn't be cross-dressing. She says bras are women's clothes, but trousers aren't men's clothes, even though they used to be considered that.

I already wear skirts for her indoors. She likes me being naked so for a while I'd be naked most of the time when I was alone with her, but it was a bit over exposing at time, so she bought me skirts as she said that was the next best thing. It encourages sex so I like it. I was a bit uncomfortable with it at first, but now I like it since it's worth it to get more sex.

I'm considered masculine. I work out and am tall. My girlfriend likes that I'm muscular so it's not like a weird thing where she wants me to be feminine. She said it would be more masculine for me to wear skirts in public and not care what some people think.

I'm not scared of other people judging me, it's just that it causes hassle. I guess it could affect my reputation at work too if they found out. I rely on having a good reputation with my colleagues in order to progress.

Everyone would consider me a cross-dresser, right? It is it worth it to do it for my girlfriend? She's amazing btw.

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    It is indeed cross-dressing. This is decided by social norms. As long as society at large views skirts as women's clothing, then a man dressed in skirts is cross-dressing.

    The answers about Scottish kilts don't really apply to your situation unless you either live in (or are from) Scotland, are involved in historical reenactments or cultural celebrations, or are "embracing your Scottish heritage".

    As long as you don't care, then more power to you.

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    No one ever called the Roman Legions, the Vikings or the Highlanders "feminine" despite them all having worn "skirts". Wear what you like and don't worry about what other people think.

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    yes that's perversion.

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    I wouldn't consider a skirt cross-dressing. Scottish men have been doing it for years, and believe me, there is nothing feminine about it. I've heard of guys who say they actually prefer skirts to shorts, and I know you can get some good ones with lots of pockets and stuff. When you think about it, skirts make way more sense as menswear with the "crown jewels" and all. And trousers make way more sense as womenswear with them, well, not having "crown jewels".

    But lets forget about whether or not skirts are cross dressing for a second. Lets also forget about what society thinks, and lets forget about what your girlfriend thinks. These things are important, but not as important as what YOU think. Do you want to wear a skirt? Try to answer this question as honestly as you possibly can, because that will help you to judge how far you are willing to go for other people's demands. It is important to separate your desires from your partners's desires and society's expectations in order to reconcile them later.

    I think its great that your listening to the desires of your girlfriend. But you need to understand where your boundaries are. It sounds like you have a good relationship with her, so she should respect your boundaries wherever you choose to place them. If your reputation is too important to you to risk on this, then you should make that clear to your girlfriend and come to an understanding.

    I also think its great that you went out of your comfort zone by wearing a skirt in private. There is nothing wrong with stretching your comfort zone a little further by wearing skirts in public if that is what you want. Just be sure that it is your choice, not just your girlfriend's.

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    That’s a tall order just to satisfy your gfs need to parade you around. Seems she enjoys the reactions, and couldn’t care less if your job and reputation was affected, and how you’d feel. Whether you’d chosen to do this publicly in another city with her is immaterial. It’s more about you complying to her wishes that can affect you in a seriously negative way. There’s really no comparable act that would “put her in your shoes” either, so you’d be unlikely to appeal to your senses. Quite sad how you’re manipulated by love.

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    Yes it's cross dressing. I suppose you could invest in a kilt which is a very masculine sort of skirt. That way you keep your g/f happy and also keep your reputation intact. You'd have to invent a Scottish ancestor

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    Yes it is because it’s a female garmat. Unless it’s a kilt that scots wear

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