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Had a dream of how I would suicide?

I was walking towards traffic at night and it had just rained and when vehicles started rolling into the street I ran into it. Sometimes they would miss me purposely and that frustrated me so I kept trying again and again. The many times they did hit me I got back up just to do it again so that another one could hit even harder than the last one. I deserved that pain and I earned it promisingly, it felt so real and received. That's when other people tried to stop the vehicles and get me from the street and that just completely made me mad, I tried to get them to stop trying to help me. Between the lights of another vehicle I ran for in a blind rage and the screams I went to another dream and that was it, I think I had finally died...I don't expect my suicide to be traffic wise because I never really thought of such an idea before but maybe it's what i recently thought of and didn't know. What does an update of suicide from every day life to dreams mean?

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Lîkė ťhe other poster had said prior to me

    that this means you are always thinking

    about Suicide & it never leaves your mind.

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  • 1 year ago

    It means you're thinking about the subject of suicide, whether or not you're suicidal. That's how dreams work. If you're thinking about grapes, you can dream of grapes. It doesn't "mean" anything other than what's going on in your unconscious mind.

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