Looking for a job with almost no work history do's and don't?

I have had like 4-5 jobs in the span of like 12 years all combining to a work history of well above a year which again is not at a stretch. I haven't worked in over 3-4 years. I have been Housebound and mooching off my parents. I do have agricultural lands in my name which does give me some income which I'm not completely involved in the profession of agriculture.

Now I'm 34 and I am afraid I won't even last any longer, with no social connections, burnt bridges, literally stuck in my world of grand delusion. I don't know where to even start, Im not sure if I'll be able to apply for a conventional office job let alone face the people at work. I can manage self employment or working at a job where there is minimal interaction with others.

My parents might be gone in a year or two. I haven't lived a year outside of my home city. All the nightmares are catching up and all the fanatasies of an escapist are equally appealing. If I had a gun I'd have shot myself in the head an easier way out. Right now in looking at trying to create something for myself with the little resources I have before the actual nightmare begins when eventually when my parents are gone. I feel dead scared 😨. I never thought about the harshness of reality where without a job your live breathing body is just as good as a piece of trash on the road side.

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  • 1 year ago

    In the interviews, it all depends on you how you portray yourself. Just put your gap as a time period that you utilised for agriculture and getting your land on the right track. This will help you gain some positive out of it. Don't say that you didn't do anything for that period of time.

    • Trishanku1 year agoReport

      That's mostly what I say. I definitely could use it

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