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10 year old son clings to his sister?

Hi guys, I had recently took in a friends 10 year old son and he has an older sister who is 22 and recently moved back to the town we live in. My friend had abused her children (I was surprised, she was so sweet when they came over and she was so sweet to them) and she had been arrested and lost custody of her son. I'm letting his sister stay with us because it seems to comfort him a lot. He has a lot of nightmares, he had been recently diagnosed with anxiety and depression. To my question, he always sits on his sisters lap, he always cuddles with her, he falls asleep on her shoulder every night. I think it might be separation anxiety, I have an appointment for him with a therapist very soon. He also cries a lot, he always goes to his sister. I just don't want him to get overlyattached to her, i'm not sure what to do, he's such a sweet boy and both didn't deserve what they went through.

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    i would ask the therapist what to do about it

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