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Why am I so unhappy with life?

I've a loving family and I'm happily married, but the sadness just doesn't go away. It began during college which was 5 years ago. That's when I started comparing myself to others. I'm extremely unhappy with myself to this day. I consider myself ugly and dumb compared to other people. I look so awful without makeup, dark circles, while other girls are flawless without makeup. I'm also an introvert so I never had much friends. Nobody ever invited me to anything. I was never that special friend to anyone while people were living their best life.

College went how I wanted it to be, got my degree, internship, a job and got married. What could possibly be wrong? Idk man. My husband has caught me many times being sad even tho I tried my best to not let it show. How do I explain someone when idk what's wrong? It feels like I've bottle things up for so long that now it's impossible for the bottle to burst.

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    You have said it! It started because you compared yourself to others. Comparing is deadly, it leads to no end because there will always be people better than you. But there are also people who are worse than you! So why bother to compare? And it will never be a fair comparison anyway. People who looked flawless to you have their own problems in life too, but you won't know because no one likes to publish their own problems when they want to appear in tip top condition. Look, you have achieved so much in life there's nothing wrong with you. You probably felt lonely due to lack of social life & someone you can talk to. I believe you can trust your husband and tell him all your stories so that you don't have to bottle them and feel horrible. Otherwise let your feelings out by talking to plushie when you're on your own or write a journal. You don't have to bottle everything because it'll be too much if it burst. When you vent it out, you'll definitely feel better. And then be happy again.

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  • Alan H
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    8 months ago

    Shifting your focus from self to others may help.

    But remember, too, that you are unique, therefore special

    Comparisons are pointless. You are worse than other people at some things, but better at others. And the same is true for them compared to you.

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  • Foofa
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    8 months ago

    Because you have some emotional problems and need to be in therapy.

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