How do I find the angle when building a ♿️wheelchair ramp?

I’m about to build a wheel chair ramp for a disabled friend. I don’t have an angle finder to find the angle of my cut for the 2 x 6’s. I only have my speed square. How can I find the angle I need to cut the ramp to connect it to the building using only my speed square?

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  • 1 year ago
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    carefully measure the length of the ramp and the height. reduce this to 5 1/2 inch height [width of a 2x6] and then reduce length by same proportion. you then mark the 2x6 to this size and cut. you don't need to know the angle at all.

    this isn't fine cabinetry -- it's rough carpentry. perfect is the enemy of good.

    by the way -- the per square inch loading of that ramp may be a lot higher than you think -- wheelchair may present less than two square inches surface under the entire load. That suggests you NEED a bit of steel decking as the surface and that it NEEDS to be underpinned with 2x6 running lengthwise on, at most, six inch centers.

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  • 1 year ago

    im a builder in uk ..i have built hundreds of them ..part of my work is for social services and environmental health ..they have certain rules ramp can be steeper than 12-1 every ramp i build can rise only 1" for every foot of length

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  • DIEGO.
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    1 year ago

    this is a good question.

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