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Is 27 years too long to wait for Liverpool to win a English Premier League title?

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    Yes let's stop them from winning

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    there was a time when going more than 1 year without a title was considered 'worrying' lol

    that was what the clubs 'history' and reputation was built on - that is the clubs nature and background.

    We were built on pillars of success and trophies thats all there is to LFC.

    THAT is what the club is historically known for and also known for its domination of the 1970's and 1980's decades.

    That said, in them days we just 'expected' to win the title every other year or at least make the eventual champions 'sweat' themselves crazy across the finish line.

    in that era, if Liverpool didn't win it - you can bet your botom dollar the team that did, would be absolutely exhausted and spent cos of the team chasing them ( us ).

    so it was unheard of, to discuss a trophy drought at LFC.

    in that era , we perhaps were guilty of taking our success for granted and not celebrating it as much as we ought to have but thats again because we got so use to winning things - it became 2nd nature at the club, as i said...

    in that era - it was EXPECTED to win the League year in year out or at least fight to defend it ( finish 2nd to eventual lucky winners ).

    we had the choice of picking trophies we wanted to win before the season started, there was a time when we wanted to win the FA cup more than the league ! lol

    that was because we didnt have many of those in the trophy cabinet and we felt we had something to 'prove' .

    anyways, as the Leeds fan above me says - for a club of our reputation and history - going more than 1 year without a title is an absolute abomination but it happened. Its been going on for 29 years now and it can happen to any club that takes success for granted and gets in theri 'comfort zone' perhaps that was slightly our problem.

    the other problem was we didn't forecast well and plan for the future towards end of the 80s, King Kenny is partialy to blame for that i would say. He CHOSE or at least may as well have done, Graeme Souness as his successor.

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    sure, it is , the presidents of Liverpool were just too stupid

  • For Liverpool it is they are a massive club.

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