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Is my boyfriend going to leave me?

We started dating 6 months ago. We met online, and he's close to my hometown. I am away for college, but I come home every few weeks to see family and also him. We text throughout the day, and I facetime him after he gets off work. We also facetime at night. We knew from the first day that we met that we wanted to be together, and we have talked about the future a lot. I'm his first girlfriend, and he's the first boyfriend I have had. I've been gaining weight at college, and he seemed concerned because he knows it leads to health problems. He motivates me to go workout, and I have been. I don't think he sees a change because last time he was about to take me to GNC to buy me protein and stuff to help with the weight loss but I stopped him. Anyway, last night we facetimed for a short time and he said he's going to sleep. This morning, he texts me good morning and hasn't texted me back since. Also, his location is off. Could be that his phone is dead, but in the morning usually it should be on full charge. I am just worried that he is going to leave me.

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    He could be disappointed that you've gained weight and don't want to lose it. But if you are comfortable with your new look, then its his problem and its not your place to live for him. He's your first bf and you are his first gf. You might be better off dating boys at your school, getting to know different types of guys and expanding your life. He seems set in his ways, he wants to direct your life, controlling. You can do better.

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