Is there a safe or safer way to go in the dark web?

Ik that there is never a fully safe way but hoping for some tips. I already have torrent (if that’s how it’s spelt) and a very expensive good working ip changer/ blocker. But any tips or cautions would be great thx!

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Friend let me give you a little bit of good advice it's way safer to buy whatever you're buying at your local Black market Street corner then to use the dark web. When you use those softwares like vpns and IP changers you are literally painting a huge red bull's-eye on your butt for the law enforcement officials to detect! You set up an extremely abnormal looking algorithm that their computers pick up in a heartbeat! It's like hey there's a dude that's dodging and ducking all over the place. He must be about to commit in the legal purchase let's look in on him. Then they let you place your illegal purchase or view whatever illegal thing you were about to view. and that may come to your house smashed in the door grab your computer grab you and throw you in a jail cell and if you're very lucky you'll see a judge in about 2 years to decide how many years in prison that you're going to get usually 5 to twenty!

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