What are your millenial problems?

I'm a female millenial in Connecticut for reference.

I'm 26 and still live at home. On my 26th birthday it hit me hard that soon to be 3 years after college I still live at home. 2016 graduate.

I pay all of my personal bills. Healthcare, dental, student loans, cell phone bill, toiletries and food. I even pay my parents cable bill, and I pay for my Mom's movie tickets, and I take her to New York. My sister and I take our parents on at least one small vacation a year now. Something like one of the casino's.

I don't make enough to move out though. I make under 28000 in a very expensive part of the state. I would need at least 2 roommates to get out.

I work at a nonprofit, and even get overtime, but I don't have what is considered a good job. I studied Journalism. I know it's not the most practical, but I'm not smart enough for finance or the medical field. I've watched friends stay in college until even now, 8 years after they started, chasing a practical career they aren't smart enough to achieve. Things that involve math and science when we were all in low level math and science classes in high school.

I also don't have a car. I couldn't even afford a license until adulthood. College made my schedule tight so I didn't get it until 25.



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  • 1 year ago

    You're spending, not saving. Certainly, you should be paying your personal expenses, student loans, etc. But even in an expensive area of the state, someone earning $500/week or more rents a room or studio. You're looking at 1 bedroom apartments, and those you cannot afford. You can also afford a used car, if you had saved up a good down payment. Poor money management is keeping you stuck where you are. But perhaps your parents are willing to continue keeping you under their roof.

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