Anyone have a true scary stories? Ghost,creepy ppl , unexplainable things, dark web etc...?

I just like this stuff it interests me

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    1 year ago
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    I walked in to a dark room and seven red eyes I was told to do a task I did it trembling and ran out I never seen that ever again after twenty years. Luckily it didn't follow me.

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    I was working on an old Jeep in my garage, an old blacksmith shop, one night. I was having issues with the speedometer / transmission. A boy about 12 that was standing behind me started to give me advise. (there were always neighborhood kids around) I could just see him out of the corner of my eye, and turned and asked "How much experience do you have with Jeep speedometers?" and he wasn't there anymore. Scary part, his advise was correct...

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    1 year ago

    My dad told me a story once that seemed to scare him. When they were kids in Rapid City, South Dakota, probably in the 1930s, a group of kids saw a strange man in a cape and a cane. The caped man walked into some bushes and a few of the kids ran to get some adults as my Dad and a couple others stayed to make sure he didn't go anywhere. I guess the man was that strange. He said that when the adults came, they checked the bush and noone was there.

    It didn't mean much to me and I assumed he must have gotten away without anyone seeing him. No big mystery.

    It was kind of an odd story but many years later, I was working with a Native American Lady named Susan (She was Lakota) and she told me almost the exact same story, a strange man with a black cape and cane except I think she said the man went into a group of trees and her story must have taken place in the late 1960s or early 1970s. She also mentioned that some kids went to get the adults who then found nothing.

    It was a story that also seemed to visibly scare her and it made the hairs on my neck stand up because it was the so similar to my Dad's story. I told Susan that my Dad had the same story but I don't think she realized how much it freaked me out to hear her story.

    Either one of those stories aren't so scary to me but both together, decades apart, were. It's not like I hear too many ghost stories. I could probably count them on one hand.

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    In the 1990s my sister used to work as a visiting nurse who would care for people who were dying in their own home. One night she went to the home of this lady. The woman was in the last stages of cancer. My sister cared for her then said goodnight to the woman and her husband and drove home.

    We lived in a rural area and my sister had to drive a long way through a forest. In the forest she saw a figure walking beside the road. She pulled up to offer them a lift and when she did, the figure turned and she saw the face of the dying woman grinning evilly at her. My sister stepped on the gas and drove off. She looked back and the figure was standing in the middle of the road and then seemed to be yanked off the road to disappear into the forest as if by an unseen hand.

    When she got home 20 minutes later, the dying woman's husband called to say his wife had passed away just after she left their house.

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  • 1 year ago

    I read this story in a magazine some years ago. They said it was true but I have my doubts.

    A young couple had just moved into a new development in a suburb. They were new there and knew nobody but their next-door neighbors, another young couple.

    A few weeks after they moved it, they got a mystery envelope in the mail with two theater tickets. But they couldn't go because the husband had to work late that night, in the Big City, miles away. They gave the tickets away.

    So that night the wife was at home, ironing, when she heard something in the front room. She saw a hand coming in the mail slot, trying to unlock the front door from the inside. Not knowing what to do, she put the hot iron against the hand. She heard a scream and the hand was withdrawn.

    In a panic, the young wife wondered what to do. She was all alone in the house! So she called her friend, the wife next door. She explained the situation--she was all alone at home and someone was trying to break in! She begged her neighbor to come over and keep her company.

    "I can come in a minute," the neighbor wife explained. "But Jim just came home with a big burn on his hand and I have to bandage it for him!"

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    we are all going to die and you dont know where you will go ( unless you got some religious belief)

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