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Wrestling: fans What are some Predictions for Slow-lane? I mean Fastlane?

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    2 years ago

    My prediction is that I'll go to a friend's house, have dinner with his family, spend most of the time talking about New Japan Cup and how legitimate the majority in a field of 32 feels and how I can't peg a winner. I'll probably play Lego with the kids, hug them goodnight, and then for 3 hours nothing of consequence will happen on a pointless filler show heading into Wrestlemania.

    I'm sure most of the wrestling will be good, albeit empty of passion and devoid of purpose. I'm quite honestly looking forward to most of the women's matches on the card, and questioning what they'll do with Becky if she is legitimately injured. I can't wait to see Asuka destroy Mandy Rose, and will cringe if Rose wins. The Miz/Shane storyline has taken me out of Smackdown, so it'll be great to ignore the Usos carrying Shane through another match. I'll probably miss Mysterio vs Andrade, because it'll probably be pre-show, but who cares? I've seen it before. I wonder how Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens will work together, because KO has a strange streak of awkward matches with great wrestlers not named Sami Zayn.

    At the end of the night I'll go home, and probably forget any of it even happened the next day.

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