Why isn't the abuse mentally ill people inflict on their children discussed more?

Everything is so politically correct today. Everyone must feel good and so on. Why are mentally ill people allowed to abuse their children?

My Dad is bipolar. He slapped me around, pulled my hair, and shoved me into walls. He was very angry that he had two daughters, and constantly told us how evil women are.

DCF should have been involved from day 1. Anyone having a child while mentally ill should be flagged. It doesn't mean the kid will automatically be taken away. It just means DCF would be aware of a bad situation. Most mentally ill people abuse their children.

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  • 1 year ago

    I think it's discussed, but the fact is that most people, mentally ill or not, do not abuse their children. Your dad being bipolar is no excuse for his behavior. His behavior was criminal. The field of people who would help you might be pretty accepting, but they do not accept abuse -- but, it's awfully hard for kids to talk about such things so it's awfully hard to prove. Learn from your dad what not to be and think about someday getting involved in children's rights. It's a good cause.

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  • zeno
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    1 year ago

    Girls stress men out and complicate things

    Beyond what some men can deal with. I

    Live alone so I can chill out all day. No

    Women = no stress = lower blood pressure

    And better health. Girls need to be kinder

    To men and back off so they can relax. Ok?

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  • 1 year ago

    Were these incidents reported to DCF? Because if they don't know about what happened, they can't do anything.

    It is up to your mom to protect you. If she isn't, BOTH of your parents could face consequences.

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