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Wrestling Fans:?

Why is so hard for T.N.A (Impact Wrestling) to keep their t.v channel?

I couldn't even find it for the last 2 weeks

But I did Pursuit channel 604

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    Total Nonstop Action Wrestling can't book a professional wrestling product audiences would get behind that stations would actually keep airing, the last three were lost because people behind Impact! Wrestling are incompetent morons. Dixie Carter for starters accidentally emailed the head of POP TV who saved TNA's *** from going under referring to them as idiots for signing a deal with Impact! Wrestling, I'm dead serious.

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    2 years ago

    Outside of the WWE, wrestling isn't a commodity unless you're an upstart channel that needs to draw some attention from an entity that's self-produced and takes nearly no money to put on the air. TNA has exploited that formula quite a bit with Destination America, Pop!, and now Pursuit. Destination America outgrew TNA, Pop! has it's own original content that garners more critic and public attention than TNA, and I have no doubt pursuit will be in the same boat down the road. Even Spike is comparable in that TNN rebranded itself as the channel for men. Once they started drawing more ratings with UFC's Tough Enough, and after that Bellator, TNA became a non-entity to them.

  • Impact Wrestling draws a smaller audience than many OTHER program on television. You have pointed out some of the obvious problems: 1) What Network is Impact Wrestling on and what time is it broadcast? 2) Does my Cable Provider or satellite Provider carry that Television Network? When you change Television Networks as often in the last 10 years as Impact Wrestling has, its hard to build a Fanbase.

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    After WWE wrestling is a niche market. There are a zillion niche networks now looking for programming. They keep moving to follow the best deal they can get.

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Not that many people care about it.

    No following, No revenue, No rental space.

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