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do i like her ?

me and this girl have been talking since september. i think of her as nothing more than a friend. she used to like me i think but i showed no interest so i think she moved on but lately i been thinking about her a lot and i keep checking my phone for her text but i really dont know if i like her because i did hurt her feelings and told her i’m not interested about a month ago..

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    Yes!! U do. Talk to her about it and see how she feels and if she’s over you. Maybe u and her can have something special. You never know unless you try! If you always think about her, chances are u really like her and want her in ur life and she probably thinks about u if it has only been a month. More details are needed o be sure tho, for instance, whyd u tell her u weren’t interested? How much do u see her? All of that plays into it.

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    Like the other person said, I think more details are needed.

    -why weren’t you interested in the first plave(or were u but something stopped u)

    -how do you know her

    -did you lead her on or did she just like you?

    I think you like her if you always think about her and she didn’t lose feelings for u in just a month cuz u rejected her. But the answers to s these questions may help

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