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Dark red blood fluid inside?

Today is the 2nd day after getting my wisdom teeth removed. I ate and then rinsed with salt water. However, as i was rinsing, i noticed bits of blood as well. When i looked into a mirror, i saw what seems to be dark red blood on the side of cheek. I dont know where that blood was oozing from, since i had 2 wisdom teeth removed on that side. I fear that dark red blood may be the blood clot, and got dislodged. I cant quite see the socket either. Now im afraid that i will get a dry socket, or i dont know if i still have the blood clot. I cant seem to rinse that blood stuck to my cheek either. Looks like a mix of blood and saliva. If it were a dry socket, would the pain start immedialty? I saw online that dry socket pain begins a few days later after the blood clot is dislodged.

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  • 2 years ago

    I had two dry sockets, and they were super-painful for 10 days. It is likely that you might bleed for a week: I did.

    You may wish to contact the person who handled your procedure to determine what should be done.

  • 2 years ago

    You are still going to have some blood stained saliva. Just don't swish hard, let the salt water roll around in your mouth and then let it drain from your mouth.

  • Mamie
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    2 years ago

    Not unusual after extraction. Call your dentist on Monday.

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