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Banned from reviewing items on Amazon for no clear reason?

I went to review something on Amazon today and it said that I was banned from reviewing due to violating community guidelines. I haven't reviewed something in over 6 months (that was the last time I ordered something prior to last week).

I never received an email regarding this, so I have no idea when I was banned or which review(s) triggered it. I tried contacting Amazon and the support person said that he was "not authorized" to look into that information. How can I find out what I was banned for?

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    You can't. They are not required to tell you which of your reviews was in violation. Perhaps, it was more than one of them. What makes you think that you are entitled to an email informing you that you have been banned? You will find out the next time you are on Amazon, wanting to do something you can't. Focus on what's what, not what you want or think you are entitled to.

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