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What happens if a sky diver's hands go numb from cold?

I remember back in last winter I tried playing football in 5 degree celcius at my school and my hands, specially my fingers went so numb that when I went to canteen to buy coffee I wasn't able to find money in my pocket and had to ask someone else to take it out for me. This was however only 5 degree and sky divers jump at even low temperatures. I was wondering what happens if their hands go so numb that they aren't able to find the plug or whatever it's called to open the parachute?

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    Your hands shouldn't go numb at that temperature. See a doctor.

    Normal people's hands don't go numb until well below freezing and they also wear gloves if temps drop that low.

    Rip cord handles are quite large.

    There are automated devices to deploy the chute if the user falls below a certain altitude.

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