How could Noah's Ark flood story describe a 'World' wide flood when the word World as we define it today didn't exist?

What was the ancient word for 'World' and what was the definition for it. Without knowing of Antarctica, Greenland, all the Oceans etc. whatever word they used in the Bible could not have been for the entire World as we know it today. Before you critize me try to understand my point. You cannot have a word for something you do not know exists.


Years ago I asked a Mohawk friend of mine the word for Crocodile in their language. I was toad this word did not exist because there were no crocodiles in their region. Therefore it would be the same in the Bible if the people who wrote the Bible did not know of the existence of the world as we know it today they could not have possibly have had a word to describe a worldwide flood it would have been a regional flood only

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    2 years ago

    There are a lot of things you do not realize about the "world" of the Bible.

    For one thing the Bible says all the land had been gathered to gather in one place. Which when I was young used to point out the "errors of the Bible". But now geologists admit that at one time all the land masses were a single continent.

    Much if not all the knowledge of mankind that existed before the flood has been erased. If it were not for the books of Enoch, Job and a few other texts none of it would exist.

    What I am suggesting is that even if Moses did not know the earth was round- the validity of the phrase "covered with water" does not change. From the Myna's, to the aborigine's, to the Alps and into the fertile crescent the record of the flood being a historical event is documented. The technologies of China, the middle east and South America all point to a common core of knowledge that has been lost. With the common use of techniques of construction and common so called myths there is more validity to the Bible text then most of us realize.

  • Nous
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    2 years ago

    Christians fail to understand how much they ridicule their religion clinging to the false claim when there is overwhelming evidence there never was such phenomena!

  • 2 years ago

    You can have a word for something that may not exist, but you make valid points in the rest of your article.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Friend, the God who created the world relayed the story to His people. The word 'ADAMAH' is the word for earth or ground or world.... that's why Adam was called 'Adam' because he was taken from the ground.

    The ancient Hebrew language only had 8500 words compared to our 500,000. One word would do triple or quadruple duty.... therefore context is always king.

    About the world-wide flood...

    When I met the Lord and understood that He had created everything I still had decades of garbage in my head about the world - so I asked - actually yelled out... "What about the dinosaurs?!!?"  

    To answer that question He patiently took me on a year and a half journey - using secular science - to show me truth. The following is just a snapshot of what I learned. What I know about the creation goes very, very deep and can never be changed.  

    The word 'dinosaur' came from two Greek words that mean 'terrible lizard'... a word made up in the 1800s to describe reptile fossils.  

    Under the forces of EXTREME PRESSURE everything that was engulfed in mud during the world-wide flood turned into stone. 

    For about a year and a half silica (mostly) permiated plant and animal tissue. The mud also became stone as it compressed under the weight of billions of tons of water. 

    Stone cannot be dated.  

    When a fish or an animal dies it rots, turns to dust or gets eaten... it does not turn into a fossil. Every fossil in the world is the result of the flood. Period. 

    Before the flood everything lived ten times longer - that's why tusks, antlers, fangs, trees and reptiles grew huge. I used to work with reptiles before I met Jesus.... among many things I learned about them was that they NEVER stop growing as long as they live.  

    Pre-flood the air had 50% more oxygen in it. Like a hyperbaric chamber, everything lived longer because of the air quality. We know this because we have air samples from before the flood; extracted from bubbles trapped in fossilized sap (amber).  Adam lived until he was 930. Noah was 600 when he built the Ark (Google Noah's Ark Turkey - a tourist attraction since the 1970's A.D.). 

    Believing in lies about evolution makes you guilty of making God out to be a liar. This is spiritual treason.   

    You've heard of bacteria 'evolving'? No such thing: simply, the hardier bacteria were never killed off by the antibiotic in the first place. The weaker bacteria were. All that's left is 'resistant' bacteria. They were never subject to antibiotics to begin with. They never 'evolved'. 

    PS. If God wants to raise children for Abraham from the stones He can do it. He doesn't need any of us. He can change what is in the blink of an eye.... He doesn't need millenia.

    PPS. The receding glaciers are the remnants of the flood waters. As they discover animals trapped in them - still frozen after 4500 years, you will see more and more proof of the world wide flood.

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Uh. The World existed before you defined it.

    The "Whole World" is also known as the "Known World".

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