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mvl99 asked in Entertainment & MusicRadio · 2 years ago

What is the 'blockbuster trivia answer and other radio trivia answers for Sunday July 1, 2018?

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  • Bob
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    2 years ago

    Blockbusters: Michael Bay

    Book Worm: The Giver

    Country Trivia: Keith Urban

    Classic Rock: You've Got A Friend

    Music Challenge: Wine

    Music Pop Quiz: Panic! At the Disco

    Get your game on: Geometry Dash

    Healthy Knowledge: Ulnar Nerve

    Sports Trivia: Yankees

    Superhero Trivia: Ebony Maw

    TV Trivia: I'm Dying Up Here


    Blockbusters: Chris Evans

    Book Worm: Sweetbitter

    Country Trivia: Florida Georgia Line

    Classic Rock: Voodoo Lounge

    Music Challenge: Lionel Richie - Back To Front

    Music Pop Quiz: Muse

    Get your game on: Lafcadio Boone

    Healthy Knowledge: Viral

    Sports Trivia: Todd Frazier

    Super Heroes Trivia: Star-Lord

    TV Trivia: Megyn Kelly

    World Cup Trivia: Portugal

    WCCQ Artist of the day:

    WCCQ Email:


    6:25 B –Word: For

    9:25 B –Word:

    Back to work Perk:

    4:25 B -Word:

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