Have you ever worked at a grocery store? How was it?

I worked at Big Y in one of the Connecticut locations. I worked in seafood. My manager and supervisor always wanted me to feel bad about small mistakes, while my coworkers could slack off. It was a boys club, and my middle aged manager checked out girls in front of me, even when I told him I didn't like it. He didn't just say people were hot. He was vulgar. He thought it was funny that I objected. He singled me out, and other employees felt like he did too. He always yelled at me, and it made him feel good. The pay was awful, and no one protected part-timers so I had deal with all of this. To be fair I trained in a different Connecticut store, and they were way better, and were actually nicer to me because I was a girl. The other store was full of gentlemen.

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    2 years ago
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    yes, I actually have, it was pretty good

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