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How to deal with insecure/jealous immediate supervisor?

My immediate supervisor openly express about her difficult childhood life, grew up poor and how life is so hard on her because she a single mother and etc. I would say I understand and sorry this happen. She would ask about my life I said my childhood life was good, grew up middle class family and life was good. You can see her face she got intense like angry. Every other day she would repeatedly said you had a good life wow you lucky I wish I had a life like you. I said okay then she said it again day later and I started to feel annoyed. She started to throw me under the bus, don't included me in an important meeting, whenever there a in-house training she would not included me. She is in her 50s acting like this like come on and I am in early 20s. My other co-workers didn't have a good childhood either but they just keep moving forward. I feel like I want to quit and try get another job. How can I deal with this thing?

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    Please listen without giving advice, as

    Kindness is usually remebered well.

    Recommend the supervisor see a counsellor

    Thanks where supervisor may discover

    Kindness wins every time.

    Very best wishes


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    You can deal with her by not opening up to her.

    Tell her you are there to work.If she keeps it up,

    report her to the main boss.

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    The word supervisor is the operative word here. They are usually gonna win or you will take that job away from them behind their back. Or you can fold like a lawn chair like the rest of us that want to keep that job and become a bigger better person for your coolness in the face of a tough situation.

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    I suspect you are projecting her issue on to your inadequacies - not saying I know but generally speaking look inward and see if you are pulling your weight at work....Most bosses respect a very good employee and want to keep them around - you upbringing is usually never an issue as long as you are performing.

    IF you believe you are performing to your best abilities, ask her why she has given you the cold shoulder and (most importantly) what you can do to improve in her eyes. Make your decision to go or stay after conversation occurs - not all employee/supervisor relationships work out for various reasons - as long as it is not the norm for you nothing to worry about, but if everyone is against you for no 'good' reason - that is a problem.

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