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Amy asked in Family & RelationshipsFriends · 3 years ago

How long would you let an old friend live with you?

An old friend of my husbands moved in with us last week. To his credit, he is a hard worker and is looking for a job but he's not the sort that people are going to be eager to hire.

He doesn't shower as often as he should, his clothes are raggedy, he's quit school in 9th grade and rambles when he talks so it's hard to follow.

Some have said we should just kick him out but he truly has nowhere else to go. He will be homeless if he leaves here and then he'll have a harder time finding work and will most likely never get off the streets.

I want to try to help him but I absolutely hate him living here. Home is my sanctuary from the world and it's been invaded!! He's a nice guy and honestly I wouldn't want anyone to be homeless if I could help them. But I just don't know how long I can go on with this. When I think of 4-6 months from now and he's still here I want to run screaming into the night. 4-6 weeks is horrible enough.


EDIT - some great suggestions, he is working with a local employment agency. I've suggested a temp agency to my husband. We have gotten him some clothes that look better. My husband had a chat with him about showering more and made him clip his finger nails (they were scary).

He's spent his whole life living with friends or family but he's just used everyone up at this point, His family won't have anything to do with him anymore.

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  • 3 years ago

    With this particular situation, as long as he’s trying and doenst just love off you let him stay as long as he needs

  • Maria
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    3 years ago

    2 months tops. Do everything you can to get him employed. Teach him what to do, get him cleaned up, drive him to fill out applications. If he doesn't actively look for work every day, he's gotta go. I went through this for 6 months- never again.

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