I made tiny pieces of a cheeseburger (don t judge, i was bored) and it s been like 3 days since I made it and I left it and it wont dry, its still bending and stuff......my classmates made a house and left it and 24 hours later it was solid....WHY WONT MY CLAY BE SOLID!?!?!!?

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  • 3 years ago
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    I’m not sure how many different types of clay there are, BUT the two I know of are Oven Bake Clay and Air Dry Clay. Since you said it’s not air drying, it’s probably oven bake clay! Pop it In the oven and see if that helps!

  • 3 years ago

    No idea ask the instructor.

  • 3 years ago

    As mentioned, it sounds like you have a *polymer* clay rather than an air-dry clay as you might have expected.

    Polymer clays are oil-based and will never "dry" to harden since there s no water in them to evaporate out.

    Instead they need to "cure" with heat (in a home oven, for a short time) in order to harden.

    They re sometimes referred to as "oven bake clays" and come in multiple colors.

    It s also possible you have a plasticine-type clay which also comes in (a few) colors and is oil-based, but can never be hardened because it also has a wax added to the ingredients which will simply melt in heat.

    Some brands of polymer clay you might see depending on where you live would be Fimo, Sculpey, Premo, Souffle, Cernit, Kato Polyclay, etc.

    Some brands of plasticine-type clay you might see would be Plastalina, ClayToon, Chavant, and Roma Plastalina. That kind of clay is also sold just for little kids (since the 1940 s), but most brand names wouldn t be recognizable.

    If you have polymer clay, you d harden it by putting in a preheated home or toaster oven, and bake it at 275 F for 10 min per quarter inch as an average. Since most ovens don t actually heat to the exact temp on the dial, you might want to "tent" it with a sheet of aluminum foil or wrap loosely with tissues to protect the clay from any higher heat.

    There s much more info on curing polymer clay on the Baking page of my polymer clay site:



  • 3 years ago

    Which clay did you use? Some clays don't dry out.

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    Sounds like you flew too high. On wings of pastrami.

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