Why does this Taurus guy keeps running back to me?

Ok I'm a libra woman and I've been dating this Taurus man for like 3 years and don't get me wrong wen we first met it wasn't all that great. He was a asshole but it's like he and I couldn't let each other go an he was real mean an I left him a few times because of it but it's like he won't leave me alone. And he says he loves me, he stays busy on the road travel in since he's a truck driver an I've traveled wit him a bunch of times but I feel doesn't want me to leave him I love him an stuff even though his Taurus ways irritate me sometimes but like I know they say Taurus is not a good match for a libra but this Taurus mmmm Idk why I feel the way I feel for him he's loyal but needs to work on not being so hot tempered sometimes and I just feel like I need to be more open sometimes but due to terrible relationships in the past it's kinda hard to. But what are the chances wit libra-Taurus love?

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    3 years ago

    nothing is impossible ,if you love him, give it a real try

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