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How do you beat a big person in a fight?

Since strength and size is all that matters in a fight shouldn't small people have alot to worry about? Speed and skill is not important as power and strength and size is I hear alot of people saying this. So the question is how do you beat a big person? Because thats my biggest fear I train in MMA and I lack the confidence to fight someone bigger because It seems impossible to beat them and I want to be able to protect myself from them. People say all the time that power,size,strength is the only thing that matters alot of time so how do you beat them if they are invincible? People say that speed and skill dissent matter simply because we'll apparently in a fight all it takes if for one well placed punch to end it all which I believe to a extent and bigger people are the exception to this so how do you beat them whats the trick!? How!? Also people like to say since size don't matter why are there weight classes?

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    I guess in your case you don't. Noone can fix this for you. You got to train hard and quit listening to all your 'friends' discouraging you who have never come any closer to a martial art than watching UFC. So as long as do don't do either you definitely should refrain from fighting a big person, or better yet don't fight at all since you are not only easily influenced by others who don't know but also seem to get easily intimidated.

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      good helpful answer & comments; also, developing skill develops pwr spd strngth

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    This was what happened to me last week, I had to beat up a bigger thug bully. He was strong, I can't use my kicks since I can't see my range without eyeglasses, so I just grabbed him by the leg, he resisted and I use all my energy to put him on his back and rained punches to his face, he then gave me his back and I choked him, with so much blood all over coming out of his face cuts.

    If it comes down to it, don't think, just defend. I get intimidated too, but I will just trust my instinct and protect my face during the fight. You have MMA skills, that's awesome, you're winning the fight most of the time.

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  • Murzy
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    my Sensei taught me to fight like a rabbit. get in and get out quickly

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