Are you from the UK and live in the Philippines and you are receiving your state pension monthly, please HELP.?

I am not ure which ection to post this question in. I hope this is the right section. If it is the wrong section I do apologize. Otherwise please help.

I 'm English and I retired to the Philippine where I live with my Filipina wife and our baby. My State Pension is always on time in 2 and a half years but now my

November pension is 3 days late. I cannot contact the International Pension Center because they are closed on weekends.. I sent them an email but it was not delivered for some technical reason given by Yahoo Mail Please help.

(1) Any reason for this delay that you know of ?

(2) Has your pension ever been delayed ?

As you can imagine I am desperate. Our food is running out and baby's milk too not to mention house rent and bills. If you receive the state pension and you live

abroad or in the Philippines and your pension was once or twice late, please help me with your advice. As you can imagine I am desperate. Thank you in advance for your advice.

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  • 3 years ago
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    Why not wait til Monday and call them?

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    3 years ago

    the state pension is paid out every 4 weeks. Not monthly. The annual increases cease for expats.As you know the pension is paid out weekly on a Monday in the UK. Here it is every 4 weeks with a 11 working day delay for processing. If you are desperate contact your local British embassy. They will help you.

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