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? asked in Society & CultureEtiquette · 3 years ago

What to wear for my husband's work's team building plus dinner?

The company is a successful IT startup, about 20 people total. Everybody is invited plus partners.

The team building is indoor skiing (gear provided, I'll have to change there) and then there will be an alpine themed dinner. My husband is the sales director. With a different crowd I would probably throw on anything that's comfortable to change in and out of, but I don't want to look too shabby. Or overdressed.

My husband suggested I wear my Halloween dirndl, which is funny but hardly helpful.

3 Answers

  • rhonda
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    3 years ago

    Something sexy

  • 3 years ago

    just wear whatever you want

  • Fantom
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    3 years ago

    Maybe an Olympic skier, with a number on the jersey, goggles, facsimile of ski boots...

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