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3. The 2-methylpentane is subjected to free radical chlorination and the mixture is separated

of the reaction by careful distillation.

a) How many fractions of formula C5H11Cl do you expect to get?

b) Write structural formulas, stereochemical where applicable, for the compounds that make up each fraction. Specify each enantiomer as R or S.

c) Which of the fractions collected would present optical activity?

d) Explain in detail the activity or optical inactivity of each fraction

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    You should analyze the mixture by gas chromatography.

    a) You will get five products.

    b) Draw the compound and replace one H on each atom with a Cl. Each is one of the answers (Remember, there are 2 C#1's)

    c) The products with Cl at C#3 and 4 will be chiral.

    d) These two compounds will be racemic mixtures.

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