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If size in a fight matters so much regard that people always say a bigger person will always win no matter what then how do you beat them?

Why I ask is because I train in mma and I doubt myself and skills all the time and I'm afraid that mma wont work for self defense because everybody on the internet keep saying that sparring in real fighting are two different things and that sparring can not compensate for real fighting and thus it won't work in a real life situation against a bigger opponent. All these people on the internet with their article keeps saying that no matter what martial arts,speed,skill,smarts can never overcome strength,size,power and brute force so regardless the odds will always be in a bigger opponents favor and you have no chance to beat them. So tell me some how do you beat such a big monstrous opponent since no matter what you cant beat them because due to their size making them invincible. I'm scared in scared that when the time come I will fail if it comes down to it. How do I know my boxing,kickboxing,must thai,karate,etc will really come in handy if everyone on the net keeps saying so?

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    Okay, a lot of grounds to cover, but let's start with bigger doesn't always win. Matter in fact once you get weapons involved they are they are as vulnerable as tiny old lady if not more so because it's easier to hit bigger mass than small ones.

    Size doesn't matter athleticism does. Size will give you reach and will give you mass to better absorb the impact, but those two are things you can learn to work around in your regular training. What people usually say is bigger and stronger, with the stronger refering to more athletic. More athletic is the part that will give you trouble, but if you train hard in martial arts you will also be athletic as well. So no major advantage there.

    But what if they are still more athletic than you? Well that's why you have martial arts. Martial art is a force multiplier. It takes your strengths and uses it to uttermost effeciency to give you far greater results than what you should be able to acheive with strength alone. Train hard and you gain more skill, which will let you fight much more athletic people and win.

    Sparring isn't real. This is very true, but it actually work to the advantage of the skilled not the purely athletic. Your strikes will connect harder without the gloves, all the illegal strikes just become okay to use which only helps magnify your strengths even more, and if you're weapons user like kali guys then you just went from leaving bruises with sticks to leaving cuts and stabs with knives. Realistic situation makes martial artists more dangerous, not less.

    The hierarchy of self defense works in this way. Strategy, skills, then athletism. In self defense to people will not enter into fight fulling knowing and prepared as you would in sparring. Usually one party would ambush or surprise another and attempt to end the fight before the ambushed as a chance to even mentally recognize that they need to defend themselves. So suddenness and ability to quickly finish everything is key. This is the real issue with self defense. If there are people that are only concerned with strength vs skill in terms of self defense, they need to get their head out of sparring mentality. Because the real key will be how fast can you switch from social to violence and apply everything that you have to saving your life and well being.

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    The best way to win a fight is by never fighting in real life. If they don't teach you not to fight in the real world, you're going to bad gyms.

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    You beat someone bigger by being more skilled, having a correct strategy, and maximizing the attributes (strength, speed, stamina, etc) that you have.

    While size is not "irrelevant" despite what "Anonymous" would have you think, it can be overcome by these things.

    Being big doesn't make someone "invincible". That idea is in your head.

    I'd think that your own training, and therefor sparring, should have already given you some experience with this.

    I've hit, thrown, and submitted bigger guys in training. While training isn't a "fight", it is a reflection of what could happen in a fight. Everyone goes to sleep if you close off their arteries with a choke or shake their brain hard enough with a strike.

    Look at guys like Frankie Edgar or Marcelo Garcia, who were undersized in competition but still beat bigger people. Learn from their tactics.

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    it depends on what you mean by size. there are different types of bigger people you will generally run into. for example if you run into brock lesner your probably ****** if your a little guy. some arent very skilled but with mma so popular now you should expect them to avoid punching on with you, cause if they have no striking experience their best bet is to try and ragdoll you. you want to try and outstrike them and be very defensive so you can avoid being grabbed or taken to the ground. also the person above has no clue what their going on about, a twelve year old child is gonna get ****** up by an adult, theres probably the odd twelve year old who trains all day and has put on so much muslce that its stunted their growth and also has extensive training, but they are a one in a billion. for the most part a twelve year old just doesnt have enough muscle mass to take on a big adult.

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    Size is irrelevant. A 12 year old child can break a adults arm or knock them out. In martial arts (not MMA which is sport) there is no weight category or age limits.

    Self defense is NOT MMA either. MMA really does not teach self defense.

    For example one of the black belts I train with outweighs be my roughly 100lbs, and has I am abt 5'8 and approx 165 lbs. And I am able to move him, throw him, choke him etc.

    Also another example in martial arts and self defense you are taught vital points and a whole different set of joint lock techniques, usually designed to destroy the joint or dump a person on their head. Where as MMA you fight with in a cage, use rules (there are none on the street), have a time limit and have some sort of scoring.

    You fight the way you train. And another is MMA doesn't use weapons.

    there are many at hand. We learn bo, short sticks, knife, swords, cane and rope to name a few. We even use variants and makeshift. Such as using a rolled up magazine or other items at hand. All for self preservation. You do get this in MMA. We also do defense against weapons. And again MMA don't.

    Again it goes with how you train, what you train in and who trains you and mostly if you do any training on your own when you are not in class.

    And another issue is MMA uses a hodge podge of so called martial art and sport techniques instead of training in 1 martial art for sometime and possibly learning something else to fill in the gaps.

    One way to test yourself is to actually compete in a competition. Yes it is not a self defense situation but it can help.

    Now some martial art tournaments do have a category for competition that is self defense. This again helps but it is not a guarantee.

    So in part even if it is MMA something is better than nothing. And that may just be enough to save your life. The easiest thing is sometimes just make a couple quick strikes and get out of dodge. And sometimes you just have to give up your wallet.

    Personally when I travel or have to work in a rough neighborhood I carry a extra old wallet.I use it as a decoy it has a bogus credit card one of those that was those pre paid cards and a old fake id from college days.with nothing but a couple of singles in it. i have used it once and it is sometimes just enough to actually use and keep you from harm. I also carry a short stick that is abt 5 inches in length or a tool i can use for striking

    Fighting never solves anything and someone will get hurt seriously. The only rule that we have in martial arts is basically never do anything you can not undo. In other words you can not break a persons arm if you can not mend it. Do not a life if you give it back. Also not to hurt your training partner.

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