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How do I fight without adrenaline?

Is there a way to prevent the body from preventing adrenline? Like a drug or something any type of way to prevent adrenaline? The reason I ask because Im scared to fight and the reason why is because I have alot of self doubt and I know that if I lose control and lose my center of gravity I start fighting reckless and forget how to fight because of the adrenaline. I learned that I fight better without adrenaline and under control. Adrenaline makes me make alot of mistakes no matter how much i train myself. Please can someone please tell me some tips on how to beat this?

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    The fix is actually really simple. Train more. More specifically train sparring and role playing conflicts. If you make the violent conflict situation an everyday thing then your body and mind will not panic and will not pump adrenaline through your system.

    Additonal benefit to training more is that you won't be as scared to fight because you know what to expect based on training, you won't have self doubt because you'll be testing yourself through the training, the muscle memory built through large amount of training will keep you in control of yourself, your center of gravity, and you won't forget how to fight. Actually there is a good bit that I heard from the soldiers about that last bit. "Amateurs Practice Until They Get It Right; Professionals Practice Until They Can’t Get It Wrong" Practice hard enough and your body will not let you lose control and do the wrong things. At that level you will have to actively try to do the wrong thing for you to mess up.

    Use your doubt and fear as motivation to train. You find yourself questioning things? Get up and train. Are you strong enough? Get up and train. Can you handle situation A or B? Get up and train. Training distracts you from emotional turmoil while providing you with answers.

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      Thank you so much

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    Do you mind giving more information about the situation? You should never fight if you don't have to unless your 100% sure you are going to win. Or else you usually lose, unless the other person is plagued by the same doubts as you then it's 50-50.

    Regardless to answer your question itself there's no way you'll be able to prevent your body from producing adrenaline. Without the adrenaline you'd also probably be screwed since fights, especially not for sport which I doubt it would be since your nervous, are all about aggression when the combatants are untrained. When you watch 2 untrained fighters fight that are relatively evenly matched the person who is more aggressive confident and keeps their punches tight and attack vicious fast & relentless almost always carries the day barring a lucky shot. Practice the spin backfist. It's a very simple technique (although so dangerous it's banned from basically everything but MMA, you can't use it in a sanctioned martial arts fight even as a high ranking grandmaster.) to quickly get the hang of and has a ridiculous amount of power and most people in a fight aren't expecting it especially not out the gate. IF I were you, and I had to fight, I would quickly learn that move research how your supposed to have your guard and how to actually block punches then go out and start by hitting him with the spin backfist. If he's in tight or charges you you can also do the same thing but spin elbow and just use your elbow instead of your fist.

    It takes years of practice to control your adrenaline levels to them remaining relatively normal in a fight.

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      27 blackbelts yeah right.
      I have 15 in my closet, some little bigger than others depends on my waistline. lol

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    No, you body releases adrenaline as a response to your sympathetic nervous system or "fight or flight" response. If you want to fight without that rush feeling you should try practicing focus techniques and getting more comfortable with fighting which might help calm your nerves. Maybe even try to meditate

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    The body produces adrenaline involuntarily when you are in a dangerous situation with the intent to HELP you fight (or flee). This is called a "sympathetic response" in biology. The boost of adrenaline will increase your sensitivity, reaction time, and even strength. You feel "nervous" because your nervous system is being stimulated. You can't change this chemically but you can train your brain to stay calm and still get the physical benefits.

    A quote that I like is: "you can't get rid of the butterflies in your stomach, the key is to get them all flying in the same direction." I.E. you can't remove that nervous energy but you can learn to use it to your advantage.

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