How to connect a fax machine?


I have the fax, a wireless router, a cable modem. The fax has a jack for the handset, the modem and the jack in the wall.

Update 2:

G3 L80 Canon FaxMachine

Model 56924

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    It's always best to list the make & model of the device you want help with. But, in general, there are at least 2 ways in a home environment:

    Prerequisite: You must have a working home phone/land line.

    1. If you do NOT have DSL Internet service:

    .. Simply connect a phone cable to a live wall/phone jack and to the fax machine's LINE IN port. When you test send a fax you should hear a dial tone before the fax tries to dial out.

    2. If you DO have DSL Internet service:

    .. With DSL service you have to be careful connecting devices to your wall/phone jacks because the DSL signal is also using your phone line. You need to get a device called a "DSL Filter". You connect the DSL filter to the wall/phone jack, then you connect your phone cable to the DSL Filter and to your fax machine. This puts the DSL filter **between** your fax machine and the wall jack -- and allows it to filter out the DSL signal that your router is using.

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