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I get my rx filled at my local Walmart and it is free but I choose a different Walmart and they made me pay for it. Is there a way my insurance can reimburse me or is it a loss on my part? I don t understand why I had to pay at one location and not the other.

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  • lucy
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    3 years ago
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    It could be due to the location. Years ago, my husband (deceased) could get an RX at Sam''s club for $9.99 (cash), since his insurance did not cover RX. But the pharmacist at this Sam's club on the north-side of Indiana, said that this same RX on the south side would cost double or more, and many people would drive the extra miles due to the savings.

    We found out that Meijer (from our family doctor) would give FREE lipitor. It was a hassle to drive there, but at that time the cost was about $100 a month, since it was still brand and free is free..

    What many pharmacies do is compete with each other. Depending where you live and how much competition, could make a difference in the cost of the RX.

  • 3 years ago

    You didn't ask???

  • Shay
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    3 years ago

    Did you show your insurance card at the different Walmart?

    You need to talk to your insurance company and ask about this.

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