is a woman more easy to get pregnant with irregular periods or regular periods?

ok im 21 and i dont have any kids but i do have one question tho ok if u know answer if u dont know then dont answer. but like ive heard that if a woman has irregular cycles she has to be careful because she could slip up pregnant easily since she doesnt know when her next cycle will start up vs a woman with a regular cycle. so the only thing i wanna is if shes easy to get pregnant easily wit a irregular period.

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    3 years ago

    Irregular periods don't make you more fertile. The issue with irregularity is that while a woman with regular cycles has a pretty good idea when she is ovulating, a woman with very irregular cycles may never know. Therefore, a woman with irregular cycles needs to be extra careful and behave as though she is ovulating all the time, because she never knows when it might occur. A woman with an extremely predictable cycle may be able to relax birth control when she knows she isn't ovulating.

  • 3 years ago

    More easy to get pregnant with irregular periods? No. But I would not advise this woman to try to use the rhythm method if she is trying to avoid pregnancy. Because if she has an irregular cycle then she isn't going to necessarily know when she is ovulating. Irregular periods can be a symptom of another underlying health issue, so I would advise this woman to go visit her gynecologist.

    And yes, if a woman has a regular period than she can track when she would be ovulating, and then try to get pregnant during that time. So yes, easier if she has a regular cycle.

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