What happens if Legal bill not paid - out of state?

I'm involved in a legal matter and it appears my lawyer grossly inflated his billings by stating that he took actions as a result of being directed to by the court, which were actions he initiated. These actions involve drafting documents and attending conferences for which the party I'm in litigation against did not show up for.

I am willing to pay other parts of the billings not pertaining to these other actions.

I'm in one state, and the lawyer and my case are in another. So, what happens if I only pay part of the bill?

1 Answer

  • Yeti
    Lv 7
    4 years ago

    You'll get sued in the state where your agreement with the attorney occurred. When he gets a judgment, it will be enforceable in the other state.

    If you disagree with the billing, you normally should put something in writing to the attorney and try to work it out, rather than ignore the bill.

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