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AndyF asked in Society & CultureEtiquette · 4 years ago

As a receptionist how do you nicely handle certain phone calls?

At my company all I can do for people is get some basic information from them and I will know where to send their call. Just their name, who they work for, if they have an account with us or not. Then I can get them to the right person to help them. Often I get a call from someone who goes directly into their problem like I am the know everything person, talks so fast and won't let me even get a word in to ask them the basics I need to send their call to the right office. Like some people go into a life story. When I quietly listen they finally wind down then get angry when I have to ask for the basic information I need to route the call. In the meantime the phones are backing up and others have to wait. How do you nicely handle these calls? I enjoy my job as answering phones is one of many parts I may do that day and I want to help them but they don't let me ! What can I do ?


Thank you Pat. I am very new and kind of quiet but I need to be more assertive to these people. I tried 'excuse me' but they ignored me. Now I realize that a louder 'excuse me' until they stop is the way to go. I need to stand my ground and speak up !! LOL, a simple but great solution :)

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  • Pat
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    4 years ago
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    Have you ever heard the term EXCUSE ME?

  • 4 years ago

    just say excuse me but i need to know who to direct this call to

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