Late bank statements. Simply wait patiently?

So I am Power of Atty for my mother, and I like paper, meaning I like to receive paper statements from my bank each month.

I haven't received any "paper" for January, even though customer service said it was mailed prob Jan 11. I can always see checking activity, and so far its OK.

1) How would I detect ID theft? Unauth W/D?

Also, if I mailed a check to same bank to pay a bill and check arrived late, bank would be charging me fines for lateness. Well I havent received statement, so I feel the bank is late with me, but I don't feel they have any accountability, ie I can't "punish" them if I haven't received their stuff.

2) Double standard I have to live with?

1 Answer

  • 4 years ago

    If you have power of attorney for your mom, you can go to the bank and inspect her recent transactions to see it there is a problem. You could also request that they send a duplicate of the statement at that time.

    Theoretically, the statement would just confirm the records that you should be keeping.

    A missing statement is not a loss, missing money is a loss. A late statement isn't the equivalent of you writing a check that doesn't have funds to back it.

    (You aren't supposed to write checks until after the deposit clears. "Playing the float" is done at your own risk.)

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