Can i use a core i3 3rd gen processor with gtx 1050 for gaming?

I am building a gaming pc and planning to get a core i3 3rd gen and a gtx 1050 graphics card. I just want to know if the processor will waste any of my gc s power?

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    4 years ago
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    According to the first link that Andy L provided CPU limitation isnt a big deal with cards at the GTX 960 level. The GTX 1050 is well below the GTX 960 level and the GTX 1050 ti is at the GTX 960 level. By that logic matching a Core i3 3220 with a GTX 1050 would be fine.

    There's no reason to build around a 3rd generation chip. You would be better off getting a Pentium G4620 or a Core i3 7100 and a cheap z270 board. If you built around a socket 1151 motherboard that would ensure future upgradability.

    However Brian and Andy are both right when they say you should wait. AMD Ryzen is going to be a blessing for budget builders.

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    some of the more CPU intensive games might by slowed down by your CPU abit, but everything will still work. Question is why are you building a system with an old *** i3, i3-7350k is an amazing budget CPU at the moment, and id expect the price to drop when ryzen launches, which are likely going to have some amazing budget cpus as well. or even get something like g4620 or 4600 which gets you onto the new platform where you have lots of upgrade options later. But ryzen could be launching very soon, march at the latest. Regardless of what happens you will get a lot more value if you waited until then

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    my thought on that [I'm pondering now] is to go with an i3-6100 and 1050 TI.

    admit that i haven't seen a specific article suggesting the perfect combination in the techie internet press, so i'm guessing a bit here. maybe that's because the new i3 cpus are so new yet that experimenters haven't yet figured out the optimal combination

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  • 4 years ago

    yes you can.

    you need to check the minimum system requirement for the games you plan to play

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