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mvl99 asked in Entertainment & MusicRadio · 4 years ago

What is the "Blockbusters Trivia" answer and other Radio Trivia for Tuesday December 20th?

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  • Dennis
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    4 years ago

    Tuesday December 20th

    B95.5 WYJB Albany NY

    6:25am: gifts

    9:25am: presents

    Back to work perk: Jose Feliciano

    4:25pm: twinkle

    B95 Weekly Bonus Code: Enter WIN PRIZES at:

    for 5000 points

    Blockbusters: Surf Instructor

    Bookworm Trivia: Down's Syndrome

    Celebrity Scoop Trivia: Katie Holmes

    Classic Rock Challenge: Jeff Lynne

    Country Living: Dixie Chicks

    Country Music Trivia: Hannah Montana: The Movie

    Entertainment Video Trivia: 3

    Get Your Game On: Warcraft

    Healthy Knowledge: Tahini

    Music Challenge: Neil Diamond

    Music Pop Quiz: Piano

    Music Quiz: Cooke

    Music Skills: Jhene Aiko

    Pop Clips: Facebook

    Sports Trivia: Choy Li Fut

    The Dish : Gingerbread Pancakes

    TV Trivia: R'hllor, The Lord Of Light

    Winter Holiday Trivia: Feast of Dedication

    Animal Trivia: Cuddle Buddies

    Fashion, Style & Beauty Trivia: 0.1%

    Food Fetish Trivia (#1): 2

    Food Fetish Trivia (#2): 2

    Food Fetish Trivia (#3): 50k

    Source(s): radio
  • sasha
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    4 years ago

    Blockbusters: Get Lucky

    Bookworm: Author

    Get Your Game On: Oregon

    Healthy Knowledge: Edamame

    Music Quiz: Bobby

    Sports: George Baird

    Stocking Stuffer: 1973

    The Dish: 1 1/2 cups

    TV: Faking It

    Winter Holiday: Bedford Falls

  • Kathy
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    4 years ago

    Country Living is Dixie Chicks

    Country Music is Hannah Montana: The Movie

  • Clay
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    4 years ago

    B95.5 WYJB Albany ny

    625) gifts

    925) presents

    back) jose feliciano

    425) twi

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