Home for the holidays? Uh, no.?

I'm currently bringing litigation against my sister, because she is the Executrix over my Mother's Will and is not following my Mother's wishes / instructions. Per the Will, my sister is to sell my Mom's old house, when she is no longer residing there. She hasn't been living there since May. Instead, she has rented it out to at least two different parties, and has not shared the income with me (or our other brother, to my knowledge).

After involving a Probate Court Lawyer, she has made repeated lies. 1) She's only been out of the house for six weeks. 2) She has rented the house to a friend, and only charged them reimbursement of the house's utility costs.

Additionally - as Executrix, she is required to pay taxes on the property, maintain homeowner's insurance, etc. As of late November, the School Taxes due by August 31st still have not been paid.

When she was served with the Notice to Appear in court, her son called and left me a voice-mail message, that "the next time I see you, I'm going to fck you up!"

My brother texted me recently, and asked if I was coming home for Christmas. Per him, my sister ("we all") wants you to come home.

So - how should I respond to this?

1. I don't socialize with people: I'm in litigation against.

2. who lie to members of the Court.

3. who don't follow Common Law, and shirk their responsibilities.

4. All? Including my nephew who told me he would fck me up next time he saw me???

5. No response at all - if you can't say anything nice ..

3 Answers

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Note down all that is happening print out the text messages keep all the proof so you can take then to court if it ever comes to it. Don't delete anything because it all can be useful to use against them and she needs to fallow your mom's will she can get in trouble. And I would say don't go at all but if you do make sure you have something handy with you incase you need to record anything. please keep anything that would serve as evidence in court.. And legally she needs to be giving you some of that rent money and you can also take her to court if it was said that when she sold the house she needed to give you money. Take the biatch down seems like she deserves it as well as the guy who sent you that awful text.. Good luck..

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Just say you won't be coming to join them for Christmas and that you have other plans. I have to admit that is quite messed up. I can't believe your sisters son said that- I would never talk in such a disrespectful manner to my Aunt. It's a shame your sister didn't follow your Mothers wishes. Hope it all gets sorted out for you soon.

  • Gert
    Lv 7
    4 years ago

    Nice family you have there.

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