What kind of flashlight should i buy?

For Christmas, one of the gifts i wanna get my boyfriend is a flashlight because he said he wants a really good one. He would probably use it a lot while working on his "project car." I was looking at REI, but i really have no clue what to look for, i know nothing about flashlights or what makes it a quality flashlight! Any suggestions?

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  • 4 years ago

    If he uses he light for working on his car, he'll probably need it to be

    - with various light levels

    - wide beam ("flood")

    - handsfree operation

    - mechanically robust

    What I would like would be this light or something very similar: http://www.zebralight.com/H603c-High-CRI-Flood-Neu...

    I got an older (much older...) smaller (CR2) version of their lights, and think it's a pity that there aren't many other angled flashlights. In addition to the points above, this offers a neutral white high CRI (colour rendition index) light, so it's better (than e.g. a fluorescent) to check on the colour (e.g. after painting on the car). It's a bit on the large side for that, but you can strap it to the headband and use it as a headlight.

    It doesn't come with a battery, though, so a pair of rechargeable 18650s and a charger would make a good addition (if he's nice, you might get them for Easter ;-) ).

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