Why do I always find the taken women?

Now I've hit a brick wall.

Every time I find a girl that i'm interested in, I quickly find out she's got a boyfriend.

It's not as though i'm going out of my way to get a girlfriend, it's just that this has been going on for a while and i've been wondering why i'm having so much difficulty lately on the dating front.

Basically something like this happens.

Every time I find a girl that is exactly my type, i'll talk to her and think ''she's really cool''. So i'll ask her for her number and we'll get talking. I'll think ''she's really cool, maybe I should ask her out'' and then right at that moment, she drops the boyfriend bomb on me.

That scenario [well, similar scenarios] have played out several times this year. And I really don't know how to get past it. I feel like it's as though i'm literally selecting the girls that are taken or something.

I'm not desperate for a girlfriend, so going online etc isn't really my thing atm. But I really like these girls that I meet. If anyone can tell me how to break free, or what i'm doing wrong...

Well that'd be a help, thanks.

Ah I should also add that these girls i'm meeting are my exact type, it's no joke. I don't usually see this very often, but I've been meeting girls I like a lot more lately. If that helps you help me at all.

2 Answers

  • 4 years ago

    Maybe she has a boyfriend. Maybe she really doesn't. In my dating experience, I have found that a lot of young ladies will lie and tell you that they are married or have a boyfriend as a way to politely reject me. I suspect that many of the ones you are flirting up are doing the same. They are dropping the boyfriend bomb on you because they can't bring themselves to tell you they aren't interested in you that way.

    On the same token, I have had many young ladies say yes to me without bothering to tell me that they really do have a boyfriend or a husband until they show up ready to fight me. Just be happy this isn't happening to you.

    Take it for what it is. If these chicks don't want you that way for whatever reason, then that is their loss and not yours. Just keep your head down and move on to the next young lady. If this one won't have you, then the next one may.

  • Anonny
    Lv 6
    4 years ago

    Welcome to the sh1tty dating life circle.

    Bad luck nothing else.

    All I've met are fk boys interested in sex .... when I finally like someone it always comes down to the same bs.

    Bad luck. Nun else.

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