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What is more destructive, Nuke in space or nuke on land?

A nuke detonated in space over a country can destroy all the electronics below (by EMP) and starve huge ammounts of population to death. A nuke detonated directly on land instantly kills huge ammount of population. Which is more deadly and why?

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  • Daniel
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    4 years ago
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    It is a proven fact that detonating a nuke on land or directly over a population center will destroy a large area and kill a lot of people. It's been done twice, with weapons that were much weaker and less accurate than anything in use today. We have also tested enough nukes to know what the detonation will do in terms of physical damage.

    There has been a lot less testing on HEMP damage. However, it is a misconception that ALL electronics in a give area will be destroyed. It is also a false assumption that they can't be repaired. You have little to back up your assertion that huge amounts (only 1 M) of people will starve to death. Amazingly people were able to feed themselves before the use of electronics.

  • Squid
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    4 years ago

    Space is a long ways away. It wouldn't affect anything on Earth.

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